Join us at TAG TALKS 2023 to amplify and accelerate ideas that build a better, more equitable future for all.


On This TAG Talks Live Event Raul Lopez Jr & Brandon Hintz will show you the exact steps to help you...


Become the go-to authority in your niche, and standout amongst your peers.


Create and deliver your message that instantly attracts the right audience.



Build influential relationships that can put you on the big event and conferences stages.

Join These Guest Speakers and Learn How These TAG Talk Speakers, Authors, and Coaches WILL MAKE their IMPACT and How YOU will too...

Mark Flowers, Tenured Assistant Professor

Dr. Marife Mendez, Entrepreneur -Author

Zack Blakeney - Visionary Thought Leader

Angie Cortez, International Speaker

Johnathon Dean , The Dean

Dr. Diana E. Clemons , Vision Motivator

Bridget Brooks, Your Friendly Ads BOSS

Guest Speaker , 3 spots open

Yvette C. Owens , The Business Ambassador

Learn how to Go From Best-Kept Secret To High Impact In Just 3 Days!





Raul is the founder of TAG TALKS®, a professional speaker and one of the most-sought out personal development trainers in his industry.

Raul helps people master and monetize their personal brand. He is the Author of the life changing book

"Heal the Boy


the Man will Appear"

Helping you discover the root cause of negative patterns and limiting beliefs.

Learn important steps to Generating More Revenue, Growing Your Business


Key Success Strategies.


Brandon is a husband, father, mentor, author, and the Founder of
The NOW Academy!

Brandon is one of the Top Mindset & Breakthrough Coaches of our times.

Creator of the "High Impact Coach" Mentorship & "In The NOW" on the Brandon Hintz Show and The Monetize Your Message, Speaker Academy.

Brandon is a genius at showing business professionals how to tap the tremendous opportunities of today’s

marketing revolution by standing out, getting noticed, making an Impact, Creating an Income, and ultimately growing your brand.

Brandon helps Speakers, Authors, and Coaches share their stories in ways to change lives, while taking their audience to the next level!

Early Bird Pricing IS NOW OPEN!

When You Reserve Your Seat For This

Live Speaker Training, you will learn: 

How to Become the Go-to Authority in your Niche, and Standout Amongst your Peers and Colleagues
How to Create Content That Positions You As The Expert, Which Grows Your Client Base Who Wants to Book You
How to Build Your Speaking Brand So You Get Noticed and Easily Differentiate Yourself From a Crowded Niche
How to Build Your Social Media in a Way Thats Positions You For New Opportunities, Especially If you Don't Have A Following Right Now
How to Turn Free Talks and Free Presentations into Paid Talks, Contracts, and Repeat Bookings
How to Build Influential Relationships with Your Current Contacts, That Can Put You on the Big Stage

No matter where you are in your business journey, get clarity on the problem you solve, the message you have, and how to start or scale your business with it!

Early Bird Pricing IS NOW OPEN!

Learn How to Go From Best-Kept Secret To Next Big Thing In Just 3 Days!

Krista Mashore, Top 1 % of Realtors

Krista has been in the top 1 % of realtors nationwide for 20 years. and is the author of four best selling books and has been named number 1 digital marketer to watch in 2021!

Brian Nabavi, Coach, Entrepreneur...

After losing everything he started a business with only $300 working day and night until scaling the company from 0 to multiple 7 figures on track to turn it into an 8 figure brand.

FORBES RILEY, Billionaire Strategist

Forbes Riley has been called one of today’s greatest marketers. She has sold everything from the Jack LaLanne Juicer to her own Spin Gym, appearing on numerous infomercials and television shows.

With The Right Message, Grow Your Impact, Income & Life in Just 3 Days!

When You Reserve Your Seat to this event we will personally walk you through the process of how to

Monetize Your Message to create you 7-Figure Impact

(or more)!

  • Even if you have no social audience and no following (most of  speaker clients didn’t either when they found us)
  • Even if you’ve never been booked to speak for $5,000 or more (we've helped thousands start from the beginning)
  • Even if you've never had your first speaking gig...

Early Bird Pricing IS NOW OPEN!



How To Craft A Million-Dollar Message

  • Most people don't know how to communicate their message the right way. We'll eliminate confusion and help you design a Signature Talk that makes you money.

How To Turn A Message Into A Product

  • Imagine taking what you already know and turning it into residual income! We'll show you how in a step-by-step process!

How To Become The Next BIG Thing In Your Niche

  • We'll show you how to go from "Best kept secret" to "Next BIG thing" using platforms that already exist & even how to create your own money-making platform!

Millionaire Sales & Marketing Secrets Revealed

  • We'll Most trainings give you a small taste of the sales & marketing pie…We're giving you the whole pie! We'll help you become a sales & marketing wizard

Become a Tag Talks Certified Speaker

  • Guaranteed 3 Speaking gigs (online summit, live in person event, webinar)

  • 10 Minutes Presentation (Live Stage Time)

  • ​2x 1:1 meetings for speaker prep.

  • ​Video of speech on TAG talks YouTube channel


Before this offer expires - Early bird pricing IS NOW OPEN

get it before it goes away in...

General Admission Ticket: $197
NOW $47= You + 1 Free Guest

  • 1 seat in General Admission Room for all 3-Days

  • Access to incredible 3 days of growth-centered around Monetizing Your Message to make a Impact & Income!

  • How to become an author in 7 days

  • How to create Your Client Attracting Message

  • How to create Your Irresistible MONETIZING Offer

  • How to fully automate your a Speaker | Author | Coaching & Or Consulting business

  • Pictures on the TAG Talks Stage For your Portfolio!

  • BONUS - RSVP + 1, (Friend or Colleague) FREE

  •  2019 Most Powerful Women Home Study Course

Payment Plans Available for Early Birds

To accommodate our Spanish-speaking participants, Spanish translation will be provided free of charge for General Admission Ticket Holders. For additional languages, contact support@networkmarketingpro.com
To accommodate our Spanish-speaking participants, Spanish translation will be provided free of charge for General Admission Ticket Holders. For additional languages, contact support@networkmarketingpro.com

Why a SPeaker training Event Specifically for

Speakers, authors, and coaches?


Breaking into professional speaking might seem like a daunting task. But by following a few key strategies, you can both start and sustain your speaking career.

We’re Empowering Speakers, Authors, and COaches to Expand Your Business and Unleash Your IMpact Potential!

Never Settle! Expand Your Brand!

Silence your critics and expand your business so you can build the life YOU want to live
Gain the tools, secrets, and strategies you need to break through your biggest barriers
Learn how to smash your highest goals and reach your FULLEST POTENTIAL

The Industry needs strong, powerful Speakers. 

Join our movement and maximize your personal & business potential!

Early Bird Pricing SHOWN in CART up-to 20% OFF

Early Bird Pricing IS NOW OPEN

*Attendees are responsible for their own travel and lodging expenses. The reception will be held in the morning/early morning @9am of May 18th.

Please plan on arriving in San Diego NO LATER than 8:30am on the morning of May 18th and please plan your departure after May 120th @ 5pm.

**Speaker Ticket Holders will get 1. RSVP - GA ticket for their (Friend or Colleague).

**VIP Ticket Holders will get a 2. RSVP - GA ticket as well for their (Friends or Colleagues).